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Witbier Beer Soap

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Witbier, or Wit, is a classic wheat ale style of beer that is light in colour and fragrance.  This beer soap inspired by that classic beer and is a malty blend of grapefruit, banana, peppercorn, honey, orange peel, lemon and ginger.  Homegrown and Handmade all of our soap is made is small batches using ingredients you can recognize: Hop infused olive oil, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil.  Real beer is added to our recipe to give this luxurious and gentle soap a lastying, sudsy lather.  Hops not only bring their antibacterial action to soap, but also a whole host of other “antis”: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-angiogenic, anti-melanogenic, anti-osteoporatic, and anti-carcinogenic actions."* (source: Journal for The European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.)