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Orange Gift Bundle

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This exciting new gift bundle includes all of our Orange-flavoured products to help celebrate the fresh scent of Spring.  This limited-time Orange Gift Pack includes: 

  • 250 ml Orange Honey
  • Orange Body Butter
  • Orange Lippy Balm (Classic or Naked)
  • Orange, Honey & Beeswax Soap

Our Orange honey is made with dried and crushed oranges from Seville in Spain.  These oranges have somewhat of a bitter taste and blends beautifully with the sweet honey.  The taste is very much like marmalade and we have been told on many occasions that it truly captures the true authenticity of Seville Oranges.

The Forever Bee Orange Body Butter is a staple.  It is one of our most sought-after fragrances and made with Organic 5-fold orange essential oil.  This means that the citrus will not harm your skin in the sun, while the fragrance will invigorate you and leave you with a sense of well-being.

We are so happy to be brining back our orange lippy balm for this season.  It glides on smoothly, is very moisturizing and is all natural.  You can choose between our classic orange (which a bright orange colour) or our Naked orange (which has no colour added).

One of our newest additions is our Orange, Honey and Beeswax soap.  This soap was made for us with love by Bubbles and Balms.  They used our raw, unfiltered honey, organic orange essential oil and our pure beeswax to make an amazing-smelling soap, that is super gentle on the most sensitive skin and is made with care and love for our environment as well.

We hope you love our newest Orange Gift Bundle and we would love to hear your feedback.