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Hop Tub Salts & Soap Bundle

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Perfect stocking stuffer.  Bundle your choice of Hop Tub Bath Salts with a Hop Soap.  Neatly wrapped in a Sisal Twine from the Hopyard and a gift tag.

Hop Tub Salts come in four varieties:
Hops Just Salts and Hops.  The fragrance of the hops is quite volatile and will quickly dissipate in the warm water.
Hops & Lavender Double down on the sedative effect by adding the classic calming lavender.
Hops, Lavender & Chamomile Hit the trifecta with those three botanicals in one package.
Hops & Garden Flower A combination of Rose, Calendula, Jasmine and Chamomile will add a light floral fragrance and benefits for the skin.

Our Hops Soaps come in 3 varieties:
Galena Hop and Grapefruit
Chinook Grapefruit & Pine
Cashmere Lemon & Lime