Hop Sleep Pillow
Hop Sleep Pillow
Stormy Acres Hops

Hop Sleep Pillow

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Hops have been used as a remedy for many things over the centuries, from indigestion to leprosy. The first record is from the 9th Century Europe.

Studies on Hops and Sleep began when it was noticed that hop field workers tended to fall asleep on the job more than usual.

Tucking a pouch of hops into the pillow is supposedly a trick King George III used to sleep.

Our Hop Pillows are 100% cotton, a light weight canvas material. Each pillow is 8”x6” and filled with dried hops and rice.

Place the pillow in your pillow case, under or beside your pillow and enjoy a restful night.
In the morning put the pillow back in its ziplock bag to help it stay fresh longer. The next time you want to use it, pull it out of the bag, give it a shake to agitate the hops and reinvigorate the hop oils.

Double down and add lavender to the pillow. Or go for the trifecta and add both lavender & chamomile.