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A little homage to The Good Place & our girl Eleanor Shellstrop. This mat is made from high quality coir doormat has a latex backing for great non slip qualities even in the cold. Available in two sizes. 

How To Care For Your Mat

Doormats are painted with a rubberized paint & sealed with a weather & UV resistant spray, but they still do fade & wear with use.

How quickly the mat will fade depends on weather exposure, home direction & use.

It will last much longer when kept under covering (like most entrances have) and out of the sun, rain and snow.

If it does happen to get wet, turn it upside down for a day to have the water seep out (it's thick & like a sponge so does not dry quickly).

Mat will darken in colour if it gets wet and design can fade.

The coir material does shed, shake it out every few weeks to release dirt & loose fibres.

Because coir is a natural fibre, there are variations in the fibre consistency & patterns.

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