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Dryer Balls - Set of 3

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Replaces fabric softener & dryer sheets while reducing drying time, preventing wrinkles and static in natural fibre laundry

Made with special 3 step process to ensure best density which results in very quiet dryer balls (compared to noisy plastic ones)

Sustainably sourced from Canadian farms (All of our roving comes from the local company Custom Woolen Mills, which is located just east of Carstairs, AB)

XL Pure Wool Dryer Balls

Lasts over 500 laundry loads & the old ones make fabulous cat toys or are fully compostable

Safe for cloth diapers

Ideal for sensitive and newborn skin

Directions for use: Use all three dyer balls together in dryer. If inclined add 2-3 drops of essential oils onto the dryer balls for scent. Allow time to absorb, scent will last 2-3 loads.

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