Eucalyptus Shower Bundle
Eucalyptus Shower Bundle
Eucalyptus Shower Bundle
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Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

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These fragrant shower bundles will invigorate your shower experience.  Baby and Silverdollar eucalyptus combine to help you de-stress, renew and rejuvenate the start to your day. 

Instructions to activate your shower bundle:

  • unwrap your bundle
  • take a deep breath, mmmmm
  • fold the brown paper in have and place the bundle between the fold
  • use a bottle or rolling pin to roll over the bundle
  • take another deep breath, mmmmm
  • use the ribbon to tie the bundle over the shower head

The shower bundle should last 3-4 weeks.  About once a week, take the bundle out and place in a small vase with fresh water so it can have a drink.  Place back in shower.  Enjoy.  Breath.

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